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This is an open and freely searchable database that brings together a mass of data about people’s experiences of listening to music of all kinds, in any historical period and any culture.

There are currently 7161 listening experiences from 1175 locations in the database, with 2410 more experiences awaiting approval. Help us to add more.

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GeoData service notice

It looks like the MapQuest tile server which LED has been relying upon to draw our maps for the past six months has discontinued direct access (i.e. without subscribing to a price plan) to their data. As we ponder alternative solutions, please do not panic if the maps on this site look a bit funny in the meantime.

- the LED development team


Contributor newsletter 13

A message from LED’s Principal Investigator, Prof. David Rowland

Dear all,

We are very nearly at the end of the first, funded stage of the Listening Experience Database project. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to it, especially the members of the Project Team, who have seen it through from its beginnings at the start of 2013 until now. A great deal has been achieved. We are not far short of our target 10,000 entries into the database – within the first couple of months of the new year we should achieve the total and we will probably exceed it, given the inputter and approval contracts that are lined up. We had an immensely successful conference, with participants from many parts of the world, following our two earlier symposia. The conference enabled us to make contact with several other scholars working in related areas and a new listening network site is being launched. We also have two volumes that will be published in 2016 using innovative open-access publishing processes. So the project has already made a significant impact on the study of listening.

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