Mrs Ord et al. - May, 1775

from Diary of Frances Burney, May 1775, page 59:

We have had a charming Concert.... Mr. Jones, the harper, began the Concert. He has a fine instrument of Merlin's construction; he plays with great neatness and delicacy; but as expression must have meaning, he does not abound in that commodity. After him, at the request of the Baronness Deiden, Mr. Burney went to the harpsichord. He played with his usual successful velocity and his usual applause. When he had received the compliments of the nobility and gentry, my father begged the Baronness to take his place…. The character she has acquired of being the first of lady harpsichord …   more >>
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Frances Burney, Diary of Frances Burney, May 1775. In Annie Raine Ellis (ed.), The Early Diary of Frances Burney, 1768-1778. With a Selection from Her Correspondence and from the Journals of her Sisters, Susan and Charlotte Burney, volume 2 (London, 1889), p. 59. accessed: 22 November, 2017


Charles Burney
Musician, Writer, musicologist
Edward Jones
harpist to the Prince of Wales, harpist
Mr Harris
Baron Deiden
Danish ambassador, Ambassador
Baroness Deiden
Frances Burney
Mr Merlin
instrument maker

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keyboard music
written by Schobert, Charles Burney, Echard
performed by Miss Burney, Baroness Deiden, Charles Burney
unspecified vocal music performed by Miss Louisa Harris
harpsichord duet
written by Johann Gottfried Muethel
performed by Charles Burney, Miss Burney
harp music performed by Edward Jones

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Date/Time May, 1775
Medium live
Listening Environment indoors, in private, in the company of others

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