Professor Ruskin in London - the 1820's

from Praeterita, page 164:

Henry [Watson] had a singularly beautiful tenor voice; and the three sisters, though not, any one of them, of special power, sang their parts with sufficient precision, with intelligent taste, and with the pretty unison of sisterly voices. In this way, from early childhood, I was accustomed to hear a great range of good music completely and rightly rendered, without breakings down, missings out, affectations of manner, or vulgar prominence of execution. Had the quartette sung me English glees, or Scotch ballads, or British salt water ones, or had any one of the girls had gift enough to render …   more >>
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Professor Ruskin, and Kenneth Clark (ed.), Praeterita (Oxford, 1989), p. 164. accessed: 24 November, 2017

location of experience: London


Professor Ruskin
art critic, art patron, philanthropist, social thinker […]

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song performed by Henry Watson, Fanny Watson, Juliet Watson, Helen Watson

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Date/Time the 1820's
Medium live
Listening Environment indoors, in private

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