John Marsh in England - 7 September, 1775

from journal entry, page 133:

The annual Oratorios being now began at Winton I on the 7th. took a ride there & went to the Messiah, w'ch was now for the 1st. time done in the morning in the body of the Cathedral, the orchestra being erected over the flights of steps leading into the choir with a temporary organ. The leader at this time was Lates of Oxford, with whom & Mr Ja's Scott of Southton I play'd; &b the principal singers were Sig'ra Davis (the English opera singer) Sig'ra Galli, Mess'rs Corfe & Matthews of Oxford...
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John Marsh, and Brian Robins (ed.), journal entry, volume - (Stuyvesant, New York, 1998), p. 133. accessed: 24 November, 2017

location of experience: England


John Marsh
Gentleman, Writer, Music criticism, Composer […]

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The Messiah
written by George Frideric Handel
performed by Mr Matthews, James Scott, Mr Corfe, Signora Galli, Signora Davis, Lates, John Marsh

Experience Information

Date/Time 7 September, 1775
Medium live
Listening Environment indoors, in the company of others, in public


Location was Winton Cathedral

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