Jack Brymer

from Molto Deciso ('... But They Still Form a Definite Pattern'), page 54:

During the forty years in which I've been sitting at the very centre of one of other of London's most magnificent orchestras, in the perfect position to observe every sort of player, the many leaders have always been the focus of attention.... The first time I noticed this complexity of approach was when I studied the work of Paul Beard, then of the London Philharmonic. A dominant player whose style seemed to galvanise the whole string section, he looked immense on the platform, in spite of his average stature. He also played his solos with complete mastery and great élan - yet a student of …   more >>
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Jack Brymer, Molto Deciso ('... But They Still Form a Definite Pattern'). In Jack Brymer, In the Orchestra (London, 1987), p. 54. http://led.kmi.open.ac.uk/entity/lexp/1395327274436 accessed: 20 November, 2017


Jack Brymer
Musician, Clarinetist, schoolteacher

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unspecified orchestral music
written by Johannes Brahms, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Paul Dukas, Richard Strauss, Delius, Pierre Boulez, Offenbach, Schubert, J. Strauss
performed by London Philharmonic Orchestra, Paul Beard

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