Miss Williams et al. in Le Tréport - 24 October, 1918

from Diary of Edith Appleton, 24 Oct. 1918, page 259:

Miss Williams, our Assistant Matron, and I went to the Army School ‘at home’.... Tea was all right and there was a band which played outside the mess during tea then later in the lecture hall, which was a large hut with a splendid waxed floor. British nurses are not allowed to dance - but the Canadians and Americans are. That explains our misery in a nutshell - OUR PEOPLE DANCED, and it is Miss Williams’ duty, being in charge of the party, to report it. If she reports it officially, it means drastic punishment for the offenders. If she does not, she has not done her job. The moment we …   more >>
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Edith Appleton, Diary of Edith Appleton, 24 Oct. 1918. In Ruth Cowen (ed.), A Nurse at the Front (London, 2013), p. 259. http://led.kmi.open.ac.uk/entity/lexp/1397140932790 accessed: 21 November, 2017

location of experience: Le Tréport


Miss Williams
QAIMNS nurse
Edith Appleton
nurse, QAIMNS nurse

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Date/Time 24 October, 1918
Medium live
Listening Environment indoors, in private, in the company of others

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