Stephen Heller et al. in Paris - between 1838 and 1839

from Life and letters of Sir Charles Hallé; being an autobiography (1819-1860), page 53:

I was happy to meet a man [Stephen Heller] whose whole soul was wrapped up in music as my own was and the long hours we spent together at the piano playing duets form some of my most cherished recollections. It was during these seances in my humble lodgings in the Eue Notre Dame de Lorette that we made acquaintance with and revelled in the beauties of Schubert's great C major symphony, then recently discovered and published as a pianoforte duet. It was a revelation to us, and we were never tired of playing it through. But the same was the case with all the great compositions for orchestra, or …   more >>
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Halle, and Marie Hallé and Charles E Halle (ed.), Life and letters of Sir Charles Hallé; being an autobiography (1819-1860) (London, 1896), p. 53. accessed: 25 November, 2017

location of experience: Paris


Stephen Heller
Composer, Pianist, Teacher
Conducting, Pianist

Listening to

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C major symphony
written by Schubert
performed by Stephen Heller, Halle
written by Ludwig van Beethoven
performed by Stephen Heller, Halle

Experience Information

Date/Time between 1838 and 1839
Medium live
Listening Environment indoors, in private

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