[UPDATED] Data entry update

Update: the mini-map is now able to render places extracted from text and trip start/end points.

A major site update was rolled out today. This revision mostly addresses features of the data entry form for registered contributors, and upgrades the data model of listening experience.

Below is the changelog of this update:

Data entry form - new features

  • Every single-value field that supports automatic suggestions now shows significantly richer information for each suggested item. This will help you in resolving naming ambiguities, especially for pieces of music.
  • The evidence text now allows formatting, including boldface, italics, underline, strikethrough, lists and special characters. Note that you should no longer space out paragraphs yourself (but this should be clear from the automatic line spacing). Sorry, no coloured text ;-)
  • Some source types, once selected, provide title examples that you should follow unless your submission has an official title. Please try to be consistent with capitalisation as well.
  • You can now rename song titles and person names. Note that name changes are moderated like everything else.
  • Listeners can now be specified as individuals or as groups; only in the latter case does the "mixed" value become selectable.
  • Person nationalities have been replaced with a 'country of citizenship' field that provides suggestions - don't worry, there's plenty of them including long-gone countries.
  • All the 'environment' buttons have turned from radio buttons into checkboxes.
  • The experience location field now allows arbitrary text, so you can now type full addresses, obscure places and whatnot. The system will automatically attempt to extract places from your text, so please make sure to remove inappropriate matches. Note that until we update the listening experience pages, new locations will not show on the mini-map. Don't panic, they will after the next update, provided that some places were extracted from your text.
  • In line with the above, you can now specify an experience location as a trip from one place to another.
  • Experience times now allow a selection of morning/afternoon/night as an alternative to specific times.

Data entry form - bug fixes

  • Input fields for your own submitted items in sub-forms are no longer disabled once you recall them.
  • Transmission checkboxes now write multiple values instead of the first one only.

Data browser

  • The browse by source table now only shows primary sources. By selecting one, you can view the documents that are part of it.

Linked data model (note: ontology update is to follow):

  • The led:has_evidence_text property has been deprecated. The text can now be found in led:is_reported_in/rdf:value paths from a listening experience
  • Text quotes are now RDF resources by their own right (of type bibo:Excerpt).
  • We are now creating new RDF resource for experience locations (of type geosparql:NamedPlace or swat:Route depending on whether they are trips or single places)
  • The usage of the Bibo and Music Ontology vocabularies has significantly increased
  • datatype property led:nationality has been deprecated for schema.org:nationality
  • When a mo:Performance is created, all direct participants of a led:ListeningExperience are linked to it via the mo:listener property.

We hope this will ultimately lead to an increasingly better user experience and data quality for the content coming from out great contributors!
Remember that we value your feedback! So feel free to head to our forum for any feedback or enquiries.

Stay experienced
- The LED technical team