Data entry updates

There is a new update to the LED data entry mechanism. This is meant to address a few data quality issues. All our cherished contributors should notice the changes on the submission page, particularly the sub-forms.

Here is the changelog for this update, which contributors should be aware of:

* We are moving to a new controlled vocabulary for socio-economic status, so the values to select from have changed. We expect the new proposal to integrate better with the values for the Occupation field.

* There are now separate checkboxes for male and female vocals. These work alongside the Instruments and voices... field, where it is possible to specify the vocal style (e.g. 'Mezzo soprano', 'Falsetto', 'Scat' or even 'Donald Duck talk'!).

* It is no longer possible to enter arbitrary text in the Religion, Instruments and voices, and Types of music fields. Users will need to select one or more values from the list that appears everytime they type a full word. Don't worry, there are plenty to choose from for each field (and we take requests, just head over to our forum). Please be aware that, just like the Country of Citizenship field, these fields now expect nouns, so be sure to use e.g. "Judaism" instead of "Jewish", or "Baptists" instead of "Baptist", or you might not get what you are looking for.

* For the fields affected by the change described above, the suggestion boxes now provide richer information and overlap the sub-form borders. If the list is too high, you will be able to scroll through it.

Remember that we value your feedback, as always.

Stay experienced
- The LED development team