Music MA study day at the Royal College of Music, London

Thanks to the OU MA students who attended the study day – it was great to meet you. For those of you who don’t know what this was all about, the OU’s Music MA, which was new in 2014, features LED as a case study. To coincide with the point where the students begin to look at this case study, we held an event for them at the RCM on Friday 23 January.

After a guided tour of the RCM museum, there was a library session introducing some of the RCM’s collections and how to handle primary source material. At lunchtime we went to a delightful ‘Music in the Museum’ concert featuring Baroque violin sonatas. The afternoon – as you can see from the photos – was spent working in the library on primary source material, identifying listening experiences and entering them into LED.

The feedback was so positive that we’re hoping to organise a similar LED workshop event at the RCM, aimed not just at OU Music MA students but any LED volunteers who are able to come, in the late spring/early summer – we’ll keep you posted.