August, 1699

from letter from Joseph Addison to William Congreve:

Dear Sir I was very Sorry to hear in your Last Letter that you were so terribly afflicted with the gout tho For your comfort I believe you are the first English poet that has been complemented with the Distemper: I was myself at that time sick of a Feaver which I believe proceeded From the same Cause.... I cou'd have wisht for your company last night at ye Opera where you would have seen paint enough on ye actors Faces to have Dawbed a whole street of sign-posts. Every man that comes upon the Stage is a Beau: the Shepherds are all Embroiderd, Pluto has his Valet de chambre, and a couple of…   more >>
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Joseph Addison, letter from Joseph Addison to William Congreve. accessed: 25 November, 2020

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an operatic performance
written by Dryden, Rochmaninoff

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Date/Time August, 1699
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