in City of Elizabeth

from First Federal Congress. Correspondence: First Session, page 338:

BEGINNING OF LETTER: I wish it was in my Power & had sufficient time to give you some adequate Idea of the Reception, our worthy President met with, on his Arrival in this City — The Pen of a Hervey could not do ample Justice, on this interesting Occasion — A Committee or rather a deputation from both Houses of Congress, were appointed to meet him on the Jersey Shore — This they did at Elizabeth Town on the 23d Instant — They were conducted the Day before to Elizabeth Town-point in a most elegant Barge, about 47 feet long, with a very elegant awning & highly finished — She was …   more >>
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Elias Boudinot, First Federal Congress. Correspondence: First Session, p. 338. accessed: 1 October, 2023

location of experience: City of Elizabeth

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