Charles Dickens in Boston - 1842

from American Notes, pages 39, page 39:

On the ringing of a bell, the pupils all repaired, without any guide or leader, to a spacious music-hall, where they took their seats in an orchestra erected for that purpose, and listened with manifest delight to a voluntary on the organ, played by one of themselves. At its conclusion, the performer, a boy of nineteen or twenty, gave place to a girl; and to her accompaniment they all sang a hymn, and afterwards a sort of chorus. It was very sad to look upon and hear them, happy though their condition unquestionably was; and I saw that one blind girl, who (being for the time deprived of the …   more >>
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American Notes, pages 39. In Charles Dickens , and Patricia Ingham (ed.), American Notes (2000), p. 39. accessed: 23 June, 2024

location of experience: Boston


Charles Dickens

Listening to

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hymn performed by choir of blind children
organ voluntary
written by John Stanley

Experience Information

Date/Time 1842
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, indoors


The occasion was Dickens' visit to the Perkins Institution and Massachusett's Asylum for the Blind.

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