the 1500's

from The Book of the Courtier, pages 94, page 94:

Gentlemen, I must tell you that I am not satisfied with our courtier unless he is also a musician and unless as well as understanding and being able to read music he can play several instruments. For, when we think of it, during our leisure time we can find nothing more worthy or commendable to help our bodies relax and our spirits recuperate, especially at Court where, besides the way in which music helps everyone to forget his troubles, many things are done to please the ladies, whose tender and gentle souls are very susceptible to harmony and sweetness. So it is no wonder that both in …   more >>
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The Book of the Courtier, pages 94. In Baldesar Castiglione, and George Bull (ed.), The Book of the Courtier (1986), p. 94. accessed: 6 July, 2022

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Date/Time the 1500's
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private

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