the 1500's

from The Book of the Courtier, pages 120-121, pages 120-121:

Truly beautiful music … consists, in my opinion, in fine singing, in reading accurately from the score and in an attractive personal style, and still more in singing to the accompaniment of the viola. I say this because the solo voice contains all the purity of music, and style and melody are studied and appreciated more carefully when our ears are not distracted by more than one voice, and every little fault, too, is more clearly apparent, something which does not happen when a group is singing, because then one singer covers up for the other. But above all, singing poetry accompanied by …   more >>
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The Book of the Courtier, pages 120-121. In Baldesar Castiglione, and George Bull (ed.), The Book of the Courtier (1986), p. 120-121. accessed: 2 February, 2023

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Date/Time the 1500's
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