John Locke - 25 December, 1665, 01:00 AM

from Letter from John Locke to John Strachey 5 January 1666 :

Sira Are you at leisure for half an howers trouble? and will you be content I should keepe up the custome of writeing long letters with little in them? To begin therefor. Dec. 15. here 25 Christmas day about one in the morning I went a gossiping to our Lady. thinke me not prophane for the name is a great deale modester then the service I was at. I shall not describe all the particulars I observd in that church being the Principall of the Catholicks in Cleve. but only those that were particular to the occasion. neare the high altar, was a little altar for this days solemnity, the Scene was a …   more >>
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John Locke, Letter from John Locke to John Strachey 5 January 1666 . accessed: 20 May, 2024


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Location is unclear. The letter refers to Cleve. which could be a shortened form of Cleveland.

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