Thomas Forrest - 1776

from A Voyage to New Guinea 1774-1776, page 100:

The Moors, in what is called country ships in East India, have also their chearing songs; at work in hoisting, or in their boats a rowing. The Javans and Molucca people have theirs. Those of the Malays are drawling and insipid. In Europe the French provencals have their song; it is the reverse of lively. The Mangaio is brisk, the Malabar tender.
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Thomas Forrest and D. K. Bassett, A Voyage to New Guinea 1774-1776. In Richard Baker and David Proctor (ed.), Music of the sea (:London, 2005), p. 100. accessed: 29 February, 2024


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Date/Time 1776
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