Sir Samuel Bentham and others in Latvia - December, 1779

from Letter from Sir Samuel Bentham to Jeremy Bentham, 12-19 Dec 1779:

The band or chapelle as it is called consists of about 24 and is altogether most excellent but the first Violin everybody will have it is the best in Europe for an Adagio. He is a little humpbacked man and his name is | | He has had great offers from England and other countries but the Duke pays him handsomely and gives him apartments in the palace and besides he is married to a Courlandish woman... After the Dss's concerto came another full piece; which I shall pass over: but then came next a Violin Concerto by this | | The D. and Dss and all the company now but the old lady drew as near …   more >>
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Samuel Bentham, Letter from Sir Samuel Bentham to Jeremy Bentham, 12-19 Dec 1779. accessed: 23 May, 2024

location of experience: Latvia


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Date/Time December, 1779
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, indoors


Sir Samuel Bentham is travelling all over Europe with a view to drumming up trade in various victuals, which might help him fulfil his contract to the British Navy. He’s now in Latvia to meet ‘The Duke’ (he doesn’t identity him further) to discuss various business matters. In the evening Bentham is collected in an ‘English chaise’ and taken back to the Palace for a concert. The letter is worth reading in full via the Electronic Enlightenment web-site.

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