Gabrielle West et al. in Cheltenham - 10 September, 1915

from Diary of Gabrielle West, 10 Sept. 1915, page 35:

Sept 10th We have all been to an entertainment given to wounded, VADs, etc in the opera House. The place was packed. We have a real live professional as patient. He has a beautiful tenor & sang "Trumpeter what are you sounding now". Annie Laurie & Keep the Home Fires Burning. It was fine to hear all the tommies roaring the choruses. Heard one of the VADs in the audience remark "Yes everyone seems to have been invited, "Even those cooks & the others" Who are those "others" more degraded even than cooks?
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Gabrielle West, Diary of Gabrielle West, 10 Sept. 1915. In World War I Diary of Miss G. West, volume 6 (City of Alexandria, 2004), p. 35. accessed: 12 July, 2024

location of experience: Cheltenham


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Annie Laurie
Keep the Home Fires Burning
Trumpeter what are you sounding now

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Date/Time 10 September, 1915
Medium live
Listening Environment indoors, in public


The venue was Cheltenham opera house, and the wounded soldiers, VADs and servants were from Naunton Park V. A. Hospital, a Red Cross hospital in Cheltenham.

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