in Germany - mid 18th Century

from Music and Friends: Or, Pleasant Recollections of a Dilettante, pages 174-175:

The Abbé Dobler belonged to a society of Jesuits in Germany, where music formed a prominent part of their studies. You could rarely pass the walls of the monastery without hearing the richest harmonies floating upon the breeze. There was also a neighbouring convent of monks of another order, who delighted more in the pleasures of the table than in the airy sensations produced by music. With this brotherhood the Abbé, and his three friends, had a desire to become acquainted, and the following stratagem was hit upon as a means of introduction. On the left bank of the Rhine stood this venerable…   more >>
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William Gardiner, Music and Friends: Or, Pleasant Recollections of a Dilettante, volume 1 (London, 1838), p. 174-175. accessed: 15 July, 2018

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location of experience: Germany

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Quartette No. 21
written by Haydn

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Date/Time mid 18th Century
Medium live
Listening Environment in private, in the company of others, outdoors

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