Dorothea Crewdson in Le Tréport - 26 August, 1916

from Diary of Dorothea Crewdson, 27 Aug. 1916, page 155:

We haven't seen much yet of the new Matron. Yesterday thought of a good name for her - 'Black Mumbo' - because she is so small and tubby and dark. Am sure she must have a dark strain in her. She is very musical indeed and yesterday when C[hristie] was singing in the anteroom, she went in and was most affable and played some of C's accompaniments for her.
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Dorothea Crewdson, Diary of Dorothea Crewdson, 27 Aug. 1916. In Richard Crewdson (ed.), Dorothea's War (London, 2013), p. 155. accessed: 15 July, 2024

location of experience: Le Tréport


Dorothea Crewdson
VAD nurse

Experience Information

Date/Time 26 August, 1916
Medium live
Listening Environment indoors


Dorothea was working at No. 16 Stationary Hospital, Le Treport.

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