Audrey Lewis in Rotherham - the 1940's

from BBC WW2 People's War:

My mother, when at home, had the radio on in the background all day with music and talk. It featured so largely in our lives. Whenever possible I listened to plays, shows and musical programmes. Workers Play Time, Forces Favourites, Tommy Handley and ITMA, Henry Hall and his band and all the big American Jazz bands. My younger sister, Sylvia, intent on disrupting the end of a play to spoil it for me, would regularly interrupt the drama. No amount of pleading helped — she made every noise she could to drown the radio. Often I had to read the play to find out how it ended. later.... Growing…   more >>
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Ashley Leather, Audrey Lewis, Iain C Macpherson, Joan Styan, John Gardiner, John Kelly, Joseph J Brown, Josie Vernon and Tom Canning, BBC WW2 People's War. accessed: 30 November, 2023 (BBC WW2 People's War is an online archive of wartime memories contributed by members of the public and gathered by the BBC. The archive can be found at

location of experience: Rotherham


Listening to

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Alice Blue Gown
written by Harry Tierney
Henry Hall performed by Henry Hall (bandleader)

Experience Information

Date/Time the 1940's
Medium broadcast
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors

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