Josie Vernon in Coventry - the 1940's

from BBC WW2 People's War:

Coming back to the morning after the blitz, as I said we had no electricity or water. Soon after we emerged from the shelter, as if by magic, Grandpap arrived with a hurricane lamp. Mum managed to boil some water from the rain water tank which most of our type of houses had on top of the coal house. She boiled it on the coal fire in the living room and thereafter, until the electricity was restored, we “ made do ” with meals and drinks cooked on the fire and for light we used the hurricane lamp and candles. Grandpap and Nan had been bombed out that night. Well, burned out to be exact as it…   more >>
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Ashley Leather, Audrey Lewis, Iain C Macpherson, Joan Styan, John Gardiner, John Kelly, Joseph J Brown, Josie Vernon and Tom Canning, BBC WW2 People's War. accessed: 16 June, 2024 (BBC WW2 People's War is an online archive of wartime memories contributed by members of the public and gathered by the BBC. The archive can be found at

location of experience: Coventry


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Go to Sleep My baby
Silent night
written by Franz Xaver Gruber
With a Toora Loora Loora Lye

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Date/Time the 1940's
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors

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