Susan Tomes

from A Performer's Experience of the Recording Process, pages 141-142:

... [W]hen listening to a record, I often have to sigh, because it presents a blemish-free but antiseptic picture of our playing, and it gives the impression that we have mastery over nerves and fatigue, which is of course absolutely untrue. I also have to smile, because I realise that never in a concert have we negotiated every difficulty with the sovereign ease that we seem to have on our records. But what will the listener think? Will it raise expectations of our concerts which we can never fulfil? Will people find out concerts less authoritative than our recordings? Or will they welcome…   more >>

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Susan Tomes, A Performer's Experience of the Recording Process. In Beyond the notes : journeys with chamber music (Woodbridge, 2004), p. 141-142. accessed: 19 June, 2024


Susan Tomes
Pianist, Writer

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