Fourth Earl of Orford in Westminster Abbey - 11 November, 1760

from Letter from Horace Walpole to George Montagu, 13 Nov. 1760, pages 95-96:

Do you know I had the curiosity to go to the burying [of George II] t'other night; I had never seen a royal funeral.... The procession through a line of foot-guards, every seventh man bearing a torch, the horse-guards lining the outside, their officers with drawn sabres and crape sashes, on horseback, the drums muffled, the fifes, bells tolling and minute guns, all this was very solemn. But the charm was the entrance of the Abbey, where we were received by the Dean and chapter in rich copes, the choir and almsmen all bearing torches; the whole Abbey so illuminated, that one saw it to greater …   more >>
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Fourth Earl of Orford, Letter from Horace Walpole to George Montagu, 13 Nov. 1760. In Anita Kermode and Frank Kermode (ed.), The Oxford book of letters (Oxford, 1995), p. 95-96. accessed: 18 July, 2024

location of experience: Westminster Abbey


Fourth Earl of Orford
patron of the arts, Politician, Writer

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funeral anthem for George II

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Date/Time 11 November, 1760
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