Samuel Pepys in Bath - 13 June, 1668

from Diary of Samuel Pepys, 13 June 1668, pages 924-925:

Up at 4 a'clock, being by appointment called up to the Cross Bath [...]. Carried back, wrapped in a sheet, and in a chair, home; and there one after another thus carried (I staying above two hours in the water), home to bed, sweating for an hour; and by and by, come music to play to me, extraordinary good as ever I heard at London almost, or anywhere: 5s.
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Samuel Pepys, Diary of Samuel Pepys, 13 June 1668. In Robert Latham and William Matthews (ed.), The diary of Samuel Pepys : a selection (London, 2003), p. 924-925. accessed: 3 October, 2023

location of experience: Bath


Samuel Pepys
Member of Parliament, Diarist, Naval officer

Experience Information

Date/Time 13 June, 1668
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors

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