Richard Temple Savage in The Old Vic - in the middle of the 1930's

from A voice from the Pit: Reminiscences of an Orchestral Musician, page 27:

The second show was "Othello" with Abraham Sofaer and Maurice Browne as Iago. The band was slightly larger then and my friend Wilfred Hambleton, later bass clarinet with the Philharmonia, joined us. Shakespeare was generally well expurgated then but on Saturday nights they put the rude bits back. During the long spells of inaction for us we played endless games of Newmarket under the stage and Ben Ashby, the other trombone, always won. One night I won and we did not seem to play after that.
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Richard Temple Savage, A voice from the Pit: Reminiscences of an Orchestral Musician (Newton Abbot, 1988), p. 27. accessed: 22 July, 2024

location of experience: The Old Vic


Richard Temple Savage
clarinettist music librarian, writer, music librarian, Clarinetist, Writer

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performance of 'unspecified' performed by Richard Temple Savage, Ben Ashby, Wilfred Hambleton, other unspecified instrumentalists

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Date/Time in the middle of the 1930's
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors, in public


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