Richard Temple Savage in Covent Garden - in the middle of the 1930's

from A voice from the Pit: Reminiscences of an Orchestral Musician, page 30:

After a quick tour of Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow and Dundee with Beecham, one night in each place staying in the best hotels, we came back to London overnight and straight into the Opera House for "Tristan" and "Lohengrin". We had started rehearsing in Dundee; I had left the parts at home and had to telegraph my mother urgently to send them on for me; they arrived in time - I doubt it they would now. Frieda Leider was the Isolde and, although I do not remember any particular excitement in that year's "Tristan", one would hear many a fascinating tale of past rivalries and hate between …   more >>

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Richard Temple Savage, A voice from the Pit: Reminiscences of an Orchestral Musician (Newton Abbot, 1988), p. 30. accessed: 29 January, 2023

location of experience: Covent Garden


Richard Temple Savage
clarinettist music librarian, writer, music librarian, Clarinetist, Writer

Listening to

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Tristan und Isolde
written by Richard Wagner
performed by Frieda Leider, Sir Thomas Beecham, London Philharmonic Orchestra

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Date/Time in the middle of the 1930's
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors, in public

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