Richard Temple Savage - in the middle of the 1940's

from A voice from the Pit: Reminiscences of an Orchestral Musician, page 38:

On the other hand, when we made the much-publicized recording of "Petrouchka" [sic] with Ernest Ansermet for Decca at the end of the war, electrical power was used to spin the turntable and it turned out that there had been variations in current (very common at that time) causing the speed and consequently the pitch to vary from record to record. The entire set had to be made again. One disc would be cut with a diamond stylus and then played back to check the balance and so on. Unfortunately, after being played back it was of no further use and had to be sent to be melted down so the process …   more >>
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Richard Temple Savage, A voice from the Pit: Reminiscences of an Orchestral Musician (Newton Abbot, 1988), p. 38. accessed: 29 February, 2024


Richard Temple Savage
clarinettist music librarian, writer, music librarian, Clarinetist, Writer

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written by Igor Stravinksy
performed by Ernest Ansermet, London Philharmonic Orchestra

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Date/Time in the middle of the 1940's
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors


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