in New York

from His Eye Is On the Sparrow, page 215:

'Blackbirds' opened at a Forty-second Street theater right next to the flea circus. Our show was a flop, and the fleas outdrew us at every performance. The depression came in and made our business worse. But it didn't dent the take of the flea circus at all. It reminded me of the old vaudeville joke about the flea circus that became so prosperous each flea was given his own private dog. My best number in that show was "You're Lucky to Me," a take-off on Rudy Vallee, then the crooner who was getting sighs from all young girls who didn't have any fellows, also many who had fellows but weren't…   more >>

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Charles Samuels and Ethel Waters, His Eye Is On the Sparrow (1950), p. 215. accessed: 23 June, 2024

location of experience: New York

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Memories of You performed by Ethel Waters
You're Lucky to Me performed by Ethel Waters

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