Alexander Mackenzie in Princess's Theatre, London

from A Musician's Narrative , page 17:

Shift the scene to the Princess's Theatre, with Charles Kean and his wife in The Winter's Tale; "Time" (the prologue) rolling forward on a great ball; the Sheepshearing Scene; Autolycus (Horatio Saker); the statue at the end of the play, and a little girl–whose better acquaintance I am proud to have made in after ten years–Ellen Terry as Mamillius . . . The excellent music was by John L. Hatton, whom I knew when his mind was failing, and he had no recollection of this beautiful production.
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Alexander Mackenzie, A Musician's Narrative (London, 1927), p. 17. accessed: 19 May, 2022

location of experience: Princess's Theatre, London


Alexander Mackenzie

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ncidental music for "The Winter's Tale"
written by John L. Hatton

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