Ignatz Moscheles in Leipzig - 1853

from Recent Music and Musicians, page 380:

At David's we heard him play a pianoforte arrangement of his Fantasia on the 'Prophet,' originally written for the organ. Hans v. Balow played the pedal part in the bass. The first and last movements consist of violent and stormy Fugues; I prefer the middle one with its quieter subject. He also played his very piquant waltz in A flat major, introducing many overstrained effects by first using the soft pedal, and then suddenly introducing strongly accentuated notes.
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Ignatz Moscheles, and Charlotte Moscheles (ed.), Recent Music and Musicians (New York, 1879), p. 380. https://led.kmi.open.ac.uk/entity/lexp/1432378142648 accessed: 19 April, 2024

location of experience: Leipzig


Ignatz Moscheles
Head of Leigzig Conservertoir, Composer, Conducting, Musician […]

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Fantasia on the Prophet by Liszt
written by Franz Liszt
performed by Franz Liszt, Hans B├╝low
Liszt's waltz in A flat major
written by Franz Liszt
performed by Franz Liszt

Experience Information

Date/Time 1853
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors

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