Mr. J.S. Liddle - 1872

from Life and Reminiscences of Sir George J. Elvey, page 270:

"Though I had often seen Sir George before, the first time I was introduced to him was in 1872, at a quartette meeting held at the house of the Rev. W. H. Bliss in the Cloisters. The parts of the Beethoven Op. 18, No. 1, were given me for distribution, and I naturally handed Sir George the first fiddle. He played through the first movement in excellent style, apparently without noticing what his part was. But at the end of it he turned to me saying, ' Come, young gentleman, none of your tricks on travellers ; hand me up that second fiddle part.'

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Lady Mary Elvey, Life and Reminiscences of Sir George J. Elvey (London, 1894), p. 270. accessed: 9 June, 2023


Mr. J.S. Liddle

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Beethoven Op. 18, no. 1
written by Beethoven
performed by George J. Elvey

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Date/Time 1872
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors

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