Joseph Szigeti in Germany - 1910

from With strings attached- Reminiscences and reflections, 2nd edition, enlarge, pages 166-167:

I seem to have been inclined, from those early days, to associate confining and regimenting factors with German territory; circumstances somehow led me to this association of ideas. The mental discomfort I felt in the lovely and so characteristically Lorraine town of Metz, when I played there under a German municipal Musikdirektor around 1910, was indefinable but persistent. The German garrison just did not seem to belong; the typical red architecture of the post office or railroad station or high school – the so-called “Wilhelm II” style – was a jarring note in the town, as were the …   more >>
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Joseph Szigeti, With strings attached- Reminiscences and reflections, 2nd edition, enlarged (New York, 1967), p. 166-167. accessed: 21 July, 2018

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location of experience: Germany


Joseph Szigeti

Experience Information

Date/Time 1910
Medium live
Listening Environment indoors, in public

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