Baron von Bunsen in London - February, 1842

from A Memoir of Baron Bunsen Volume II, pages 11-12:

Letter from Bunsen to Miss Davenport Bromley, London: 15th February, 1842 - Imagine that Neukomm has contrived to find ten most excellent professional performers, Moscheles at their head, who executed here the other evening the whole music of the Passion Week—and so much to their own delight as well as ours, that they have offered to repeat the performance on March 4. It was so like Rome, and like home! Since that day I begin to feel at home in our beautiful house.

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Baroness von Bunsen, A Memoir of Baron Bunsen Volume II, volume 2 (London, 1868), p. 11-12. accessed: 18 May, 2022

location of experience: London


Baron von Bunsen
Diplomat, scholar, diplomat, Theologian

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The Music of the Passion Week performed by Professional Performers

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Date/Time February, 1842
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