King of Prussia et al. in London - in the middle of the 1800's

from A Memoir of Baron Bunsen Volume II, page 24:

With the opera stage, Bunsen had no patience, and though he visited it in London, in attendance on the Prince of Prussia, even Jenny Lind (although he entirely felt her power of grace as well as voice) failed to enable him to find pleasure or even amusement in that form of dramatic representation against which he peculiarly protested, as being the betrayal of a good cause, and the caricature of a kind of composition which he acknowledged to be founded in reason, and desired to see revived by a real master of combined verse and harmony.

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Baroness von Bunsen, A Memoir of Baron Bunsen Volume II, volume 2 (London, 1868), p. 24. accessed: 20 May, 2022

location of experience: London


Baron von Bunsen
Diplomat, scholar, diplomat, Theologian

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Opera performed by Jenny Lind

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Date/Time in the middle of the 1800's
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, indoors

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