Baron von Bunsen in Germany - 25 November, 1855

from A Memoir of Baron Bunsen Volume II, page 391:

Letter from Bunsen to Mrs. Schwabe, Christmas Day, 1855 - How shall I describe to you my astonishment, I might say my pleasure in sadness, when, on entering yesterday evening at six o'clock the room closed throughout the day, then brilliant with the Christmas tree, I was greeted by the soft organ tones to which I was accustomed on the Capitol, and afterwards in Carlton Terrace, sounding forth from a hidden corner the ' Pastorale ' of Handel and then the German 'Chorale' to which the voices of twenty children and many others, those of Frances and Theodora and Sternberg prevailing, intoned …   more >>

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Frances von Bunsen, A Memoir of Baron Bunsen Volume II, volume 2 (London, 1868), p. 391. accessed: 23 July, 2018

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location of experience: Germany


Baron von Bunsen
Diplomat, diplomat, Theologian, scholar

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written by George Frideric Handel, Domenico Scarlatti
performed by Sternberg, Frances von Bunsen, Unknown Children, Theodora

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Date/Time 25 November, 1855
Medium live
Listening Environment indoors, in the company of others

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