Pierre Baillot in Moscow - early 19th Century

from Music and Friends: Or, Pleasant Recollections of a Dilettante, page 866:

When Baillot was in Leicester, he gave me a description of the horn-music which he heard at Moscow thirty years ago. It was at Prince Potemkin's, where two hundred performers executed a sinfony of Haydn, each with a trumpet that gave only a single note. It was a new idea to me, the advantages of which I apprehended would confer a power of accent unattainable by the ordinary way in which music is performed. A few years since a company of these musicians came to England, but they did not perform during my stay in town; and when they visited Leicester, I was unfortunately absent. 

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William Gardiner, Music and Friends: Or, Pleasant Recollections of a Dilettante, volume 2 (London, January, 1838), p. 866. https://led.kmi.open.ac.uk/entity/lexp/1435611944008 accessed: 2 December, 2022

location of experience: Moscow


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written by Joseph Haydn

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Date/Time early 19th Century
Medium live

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