Clement Scott et al. in Sorrento - at the end of 1892

from Memories of a Musician: Reminiscences of Seventy years of Musical Life, pages 243-4:

After leaving Rome I went with Clement Scott to Naples, where we took our rooms at the Hotel Vesuvius, which stands on the long, beautiful esplanade facing the bay. The manager, who knew Scott from having been manager of the "Greyhound" at Hampton Court, was much pleased to see him, and very attentive to us. We drove together to Sorrento, which lies in the Bay of Naples a little way from the town, and had our lunch at a restaurant, sitting at the open window, to the accompaniment of some mandoline players, who sang Tosti's songs and folk-melodies and made us feel quite happy and contented. …   more >>

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Wilhelm Ganz, Memories of a Musician: Reminiscences of Seventy years of Musical Life. In Internet Archive (London, 1913), p. 243-4. accessed: 4 March, 2024

location of experience: Sorrento


Wilhelm Ganz
Accompanyist, Composer, Conducting, Teacher

Listening to

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Unspecified folk-melodies performed by mandolin players
Unspecified songs
written by Francesco Paolo Tosti
performed by mandolin players

Experience Information

Date/Time at the end of 1892
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors

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