Concert audience in New York City - the 1890's

from Thirty Years of Musical Life in London, 1870-1900, page 360:

In New York the brothers were met by their friend Lassalle, who made his first appearance  as Nelusko in “L 'Africaine”; while, as Selika, Lillian Nordica also rejoined the company and her former comrades. That night was the most brilliant of the season, and the cable messages to Europe told of unequivocal success all round.  Yet the “business”, it appeared, was by no means first-rate, and, in the end, the entrepreneurs must have fared but moderately.

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Hermann Klein, Thirty Years of Musical Life in London, 1870-1900 (New York City, 1903), p. 360. accessed: 1 December, 2023

location of experience: New York City


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written by Giacomo Meyerbeer
performed by Edouard de Reszke, Lilian Nordica, Jean Lassalle, Jean de Reszke

Experience Information

Date/Time the 1890's
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, indoors, in public

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