Benjamin Lumley in Her Majesty's Theatre - 29 June, 1843

from Reminiscences of the Opera, pages 69-70:

On the 29th of June, for the benefit of Lablache, I produced "Don Pasquale." Grisi, Mario, Fornasari, and Lablache afforded an admirable quatuor for the performance of this genial opera buffa, the success of which was perhaps even greater than that of "Linda." I might now indeed deem myself fortunate, for bringing out in one season two new operas, each of which won such golden opinions. Warned by this second success, the press now grew lavish in their praise of Donizetti. He was declared to have composed his Parisian opera in his "happiest vein." It was studded with "musical beauties," and contained "more marks of originality that most of his works," &c., &c. In fact, the tide not only changed, but now flowed strongly in favour of the once despised composer. The racy comic humour of Lablache, and the spirit of Grisi, combined with the pleasant and careful execution of Mario and Fornasari, may have contributed sensibly to a success, nowise certainly promoted by the unusually meagre, flimsy libretto. But, in a musical point of view, the verdict was certainly favourable, and none could better recognise the fact than the fortunate manager.

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Benjamin Lumley, Reminiscences of the Opera (London, 1864), p. 69-70. accessed: 14 April, 2024

location of experience: Her Majesty's Theatre


Benjamin Lumley
Opera manager, Solicitor

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Don Pasquale
written by Gaetano Donizetti
performed by Luciano Fornasari, Giovanni Matteo Mario, Giulia Grisi, Luigi Lablache

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Date/Time 29 June, 1843
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, indoors, in public

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