Michael Kelly in On a coach, Calais to Boulogne - 1814

from Reminiscences of Michael Kelly, pages 287-288:

This season, my worthy friends, John Bannister, Mr. Heath, the eminent engraver, and Mr. Nield, the solicitor, made a party to go to Paris. I agreed to accompany them; and took Henry Horrebow, then quite a boy, with us. None of the party, with the exception of myself, could speak French. However, we had a delightful journey. We stopped a day and a half at Calais, where I hired an excellent roomy post-coach, with three horses; and made an agreement, that we should be set down on the fourth day at Paris, or be on the road eight days at our option; the latter …   more >>

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Michael Kelly, Reminiscences of Michael Kelly, volume 2 (London, 1826), p. 287-288. https://led.kmi.open.ac.uk/entity/lexp/1438689541013 accessed: 14 June, 2024

location of experience: On a coach, Calais to Boulogne


Michael Kelly
theatre manager, Composer, Singing

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O, Richard! O, mon Roi performed by Coachman
Richard Coeur de Lion performed by Michael Kelly
Je suis Lindor performed by Coachman
Nina performed by Michael Kelly, Coachman

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Date/Time 1814
Medium live
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