Stanislaus Joyce in North Strand Road, Dublin - late 19th Century

from The Dublin Diary of Stanislaus Joyce, page 61:

I go youngly through the late streets hearing a nocturne of Chopin's. Who but Chopin was able to write nocturnes? He lived by night. He is returned to Paris from some revel that has been brilliant, and is standing at this hour in his attic looking out at the open-dormer window. The huge pulse of life is lulled, darkness like a heavy cloud lowers overhead, and straddled roofs shine beneath from recent rain. A melody is awake and moves with hushed weariness through the black harmonies of night, easily, almost inaudibly, changing to higher keys till light begins to be seen. It was associated …   more >>

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Stanislaus Joyce, The Dublin Diary of Stanislaus Joyce. In George Harris Healey (ed.), The complete Dublin diary of Stanislaus Joyce (Ithaca, 1971), p. 61. accessed: 26 June, 2022

location of experience: North Strand Road, Dublin


Stanislaus Joyce

Listening to

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written by Chopin
performed by Josephine Murray

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Date/Time late 19th Century
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors

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