Stanislaus Joyce - early 20th Century

from The Dublin Diary of Stanislaus Joyce, page 103:

I like instrumental music best, better than songs, better than operas, and this seems to me strange as I have absolutely no knowledge of music or of any instrument, and am not much ear. I am very hard to please in operas, perhaps because my ear is confused. I generally look at the shoulders of the people under me so as not to see the acting. Operas seem to me literally screaming farces, and I like best those that are simple or those in which the melody is strange. I have no love for orchestration, and when it makes the voice difficult to hear I abominate it. I consider chiefly (when, that …   more >>

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Stanislaus Joyce, The Dublin Diary of Stanislaus Joyce. In George Harris Healey (ed.), The complete Dublin diary of Stanislaus Joyce (Ithaca, 1971), p. 103. accessed: 17 June, 2024


Stanislaus Joyce

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Date/Time early 20th Century


Stanislaus Joyce describes his musical preferences, mentioning that opera 'confuses' his ear.

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