William Beatty-Kingston in Germany - 25 December, 1878

from Music and manners; personal reminiscences and sketches of character, page 300:

Beethoven, in particular, was always esteemed by him [Wagner] as  'the absolutely Unattainable and Inimitable,' whose compositions it was his greatest delight to conduct. I shall never forget Christmas Day, 1878. In celebration of his wife's birthday, Wagner had summoned the Meininger orchestra to Wahnfried, and rehearsed with its members several purely instrumental works, exclusively Beethoven's compositions. Whilst changing the parts, one of the executants happened to let fall a Beethoven book. As he was stooping to pick it up, Wagner jestingly …   more >>

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William Beatty-Kingston, Music and manners; personal reminiscences and sketches of character, volume 1 (London, 1887), p. 300. https://led.kmi.open.ac.uk/entity/lexp/1451944909457 accessed: 21 July, 2018

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location of experience: Germany


William Beatty-Kingston
journalist, librettist, Translation, memoirist

Experience Information

Date/Time 25 December, 1878
Medium live
Listening Environment indoors, in private, in the company of others

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