Georg Henschel - the 1870's

from Musings & memories of a musician, page 55:

It was a rare delight to watch the enthusiasm and, at the same time, the reverence and dignity he [Brahms] brought to bear on the performance of Bach's masterwork. Johann Sebastian was one of his gods, and I remember one day in his rooms when, seeing me notice that master's Well-tempered Klavier open on the piano, he said to me : "With this I rinse my mouth every morning." 

cite as

Georg Henschel, Musings & memories of a musician (London, 1918), p. 55. accessed: 4 March, 2024


Georg Henschel
baritone, Composer, Conducting, Pianist

Listening to

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piano music
written by Bach, Ignatz Moscheles
performed by Brahms

Experience Information

Date/Time the 1870's
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors, in public

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