Dmitri Shostakovich - the 1900's

from Dmitry Shostakovich-About Himself and His Times, page 266:

 I feel I must mention one other thing- lack of respect for our work. Once I was listening to the radio, and it was nice to hear them broadcast one of my works. But suddenly, before it was finished, they interrupted it and began some sports programme. That was horrible- and not just because it was my work: the same thing happens with other composers. It is really so difficult to calculate the time precisely, and, should a work not fit into the time available, replace it by something else? / This kind of attitude …   more >>

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Dmitri Shostakovich, and L. Grigoryev and Ya. Platek (ed.), Dmitry Shostakovich-About Himself and His Times (Moscow, 1981), p. 266. accessed: 30 November, 2023


Dmitri Shostakovich
Composer, Pianist

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Date/Time the 1900's
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Excerpt from 'Literaturnaya Gazeta', 21 Dec., 1965.

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