Sergei Prokofiev in Paris - 23 May, 1925, at night

from Sergey Prokofiev diaries: 23 May 1925, pages 165-166:

Koussevitzky's concert, with the first performance of Honegger's Concerto for Piano. It was nice, pleasant orchestral effects from modest forces, and some attractive tunes. But it was an extremely boring work for the pianist, and technically elementary. I said it would be a good new Concerto for Stravinsky to add to his repertoire. Suvchinsky liked the work, but Dukelsky was very critical. It was followed by Scriabin's Extase, which I have not heard for a long time and which, apart from a few passages, I now listened to with some enjoyment. I shall doubtless be stones for this…   more >>

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Sergei Prokofiev, Sergey Prokofiev diaries: 23 May 1925. In Sergey Prokofiev, and Anthony Phillips (ed.), Sergey Prokofiev diaries, volume 3 (Ithaca N.Y, 2006), p. 165-166. accessed: 29 September, 2023

location of experience: Paris


Sergei Prokofiev
performer, Composer, Musician

Listening to

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written by Alexander Scriabin
performed by Serge Koussevitzky
Concerto for Piano
written by Arthur Honegger
performed by Serge Koussevitzky

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Date/Time 23 May, 1925, at night
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, indoors, in public

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