Henry Machyn in St Dunstan's parish, London - 18 October, 1550

from A London Provisioner's Chronicle, 1550-1563:

The eighteenth day of October was buried Judge Hynde in St. Dunstan's parish in the West with a standard, coat … helmet, sword, and pennon, target, and a herald and judges, two and two together. And then sergeant of the coif, two and two together. And the clerks singing. And my Lady Hynde did make another standard … and a coat of arms and a pennon and a helmet and target and sword to be had at the month's mind in the country for him. And a great dole of money and of meat and drink and gowns to the poor. There was much ado there for him.

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Henry Machyn, and Colette Moore, Marilyn Miller and Richard W. Bailey (ed.), A London Provisioner's Chronicle, 1550-1563. https://led.kmi.open.ac.uk/entity/lexp/1507122994889 accessed: 25 May, 2024

location of experience: St Dunstan's parish, London


Henry Machyn

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Date/Time 18 October, 1550
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