Lady Sydney Morgan in Genoa - early 19th Century

from Italy Volume 1, pages 238-239:

The few Piazze, or squares, of Genoa, open round the principal churches, while every viccolo, or narrow passage, abounds with shrines, oratories, and stations, of which an Amazonian Madonna is always the sign: votive candles, hourly renewed, burn before these public altars, and the street piety of Genoa is only exceeded by that of Naples, which in this respect it …   more >>

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Lady Sydney Morgan, Italy Volume 1, volume 1 (1821), p. 238-239. accessed: 25 May, 2024

location of experience: Genoa


Lady Sydney Morgan

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Street singing

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Date/Time early 19th Century
Medium live
Listening Environment outdoors, in public

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